Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse

Learn About the History

Learn about the history

Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse was built in 1875 and is still an active Beacon of Navigation. The lighthouse is one of twelve Maritime National Historic Landmarks after earning that designation in 1999. 

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Jimmy Buffett Visits Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse

On October 11, we hosted Jimmy Buffett at Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse, an iconic Annapolis sight that caught the “Margaritaville” singer’s eye. Plans to get Buffett and his crew out on the Chesapeake Bay for the perfect sunrise backdrop were hastily arranged Thursday night . Local author Dave Gendell joined Lighthouse Manager John Potvin at dawn to open up and greet Mr. Buffett, who arrived with a production crew.

Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse Restoration Update

Replacement of the steel beams and tie rods were completed in 2020 at Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse. The contractor, Marine Solutions, Inc. endured some nasty weather, extreme high tides, rain, cold and wind during the second phase of the work.  A wood beam under the privy and 4 new tie rods were replaced during the first phase in 2019.

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Thomas Point Lighthouse Book'Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse: A Chesapeake Bay Icon' by David Gendell was published in 2020. A portion of proceeds are donated for lighthouse restoration.